Sunday, March 30, 2008

O's new hobby

O installed an IRC client on the computer this week (don't even ask me what this is, he took over being the technical person in the house when he was, oh, 6 or so.) Basically, though, it allows him to go into chat channels, very, very specific channels. Being O, he went straight to scanlation house channels, and has volunteered himself to do typesetting for his favorite houses.

So now he's shopping around for a cheap version of photoshop, or, preferably, a creative commons, open source version, to teach himself to typeset. Only this kid would dream of typesetting--when he took acting classes as a little kid, the teachers loved him because he was the only kid who didn't want to be the lead actor, he wanted to pull the curtain, make props and do sound effects. For an instrument, he chose the bass. He's totally the behind-the-scenes, indispensable but unnoticed kind of guy. I love the fact that he knows who he is and what he wants better than a lot of 40yos that I know.


Michael said...

Right on, O!

What about GIMP?

I got here via The Parenting Pit, by the way. Hello!

Ali said...

Thanks so much Michael, that was perfect! O installed it this afternoon and has been noodling around with it all day.

I love Anne + Arun's posts on MDC and their site, neat to know that they have put me up there!