Monday, March 17, 2008

Curling, hockey and Untalkative Bunny

Our life has been hijacked by an odd Canadian obsession, curling, specifically, the Brier, the Canadian mens championship and probably the largest curling event in the world, hosted, this year, at the arena where both O and I work. Now we have some back to back concerts and the end of the hockey season. School, and life, will resume after playoffs, hopefully!

Anyhoo, O and I had a day off today and spent it lounging luxuriously, watching kids tv and generally being lazy. We suddenly got the urge to watch Untalkative Bunny, one of the most sublimely genius kids shows ever, about a mute,vegetarian, jazz loving, urban bunny. And someone on You Tube has uploaded all of the shows available, so we're going to be going on an Untalkative Bunny spree for the next few months.

One thing that struck me was how much of an unschooler UB is, she's always reading, listening to jazz or the radio, and signing up for courses that sometimes she likes, and sometimes she doesn't and she just leaves. I love UB!

Here's a fave of mine, and I think quite suitable for an unschooling oriented blog:

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