Saturday, December 29, 2007

I see the light!

O and I are finally starting to feel close to our old selves again (at least I am, and O is settling in to his new, manly body) We've really shut down on outside activities, field trips, formal work at all, so it will be nice to get back into some sort of routine come January.

Our next school "term" will be starting January 7th--more like a date to aim for being more active and cutting down on the tv/internet/video game usage. O has chosen his field trips for the season, and, unfortunately, the Zoo is still at the top of his all-time favorite places list. Not that I don't love the Zoo, even in winter, it's a great time to have the place to yourself, and to get a really good look at the animals, but I've done so many winter Zoo trips and I was kind of hoping for something different this time. Oh well. He's also picked the Conservatory this time, something he's never been interested in before, but I find it really helps the cabin fever to spend some time in a huge tropical greenhouse.

O and I are also going to start working through the set of Boy Mechanic books he got for Xmas and I'm really looking forward to that. Spending more time working on fun projects at home with O is one of my New Years resolutions.

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